About Us

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The Denise Lester Dance Academy is an exciting, fun place to learn to dance, with teachers who want to share their love of dance with your child. The awarding winning, creative teaching staff of the Denise Lester Dance Academy would love the opportunity to share their love of dance with your child.

It is our teachers who create the friendly atmosphere that makes it easier for children to learn. Your child deserves the best whether they are dancing for fun, for exams or for competition. A well-rounded, technical class is important for everyone who is looking to learn to dance.

Our teachers have knowledge and expertise to conduct such a class while making it fun and friendly. All of our classes will of course prepare the student for the recital but will also teach the appropriate muscles to use for the moves they wish to accomplish. Our warm-ups are for stretch and strengthening but mostly for the muscle memory needed to become a strong, injury free dancer. Our “state of the art floors" are great for the advanced dancer and for the young ones starting out.