Classes Offered

Pre-Ballet        3 and 4 years olds
Introduce your child to the fun world of dance.  The pre-dance children will have the opportunity to sing along as they learn simple fun dance moves all the time developing a sense of rhythm and co-ordination.

Combination Class    5 year olds
Your child can try it all.  This class consists of Ballet, Jazz and Tap all in one hour.  The students will be shown basic steps in all of these dance forms which will come together in a lovely routine for the recital.

Ballet      6 years and up – Beginner to Advanced
The beautiful art of Ballet is taught with grace and poise.  Students will develop their balletic skills with barre work and centre practice.  All of our ballet classes can lead to the possibility of taking an exam.
Jazz      6 years and up - Beginner to Advanced
Using music of today and always age appropriate, we will combine trendy dance moves with turns, leaps and high kicks.  This class will develop flexibility and muscle tone.  Many of our jazz classes can lead to exams as well as the exciting year end recital.

Tap      6 years and up – Beginner to Advanced
The art of making music with your feet.  This class combines timing, rhythm and quick foot work.  Fun for all ages.  Our tap classes will also perform in the recital and have the possibility of taking an exam.

Acro      6 years and up – Beginner to Advanced
Students will feel like they are a member of “Cirgue De Soleil”.  They will work towards exciting acro moves and poses.  Learning how to perform walkovers, elbow balances head stands and more.  Combine it all with dance steps and they will have a recital routine that will deserve cheers. Exams are also available for Acro.

Hip Hop      8 years and up
A fun, high energy class that will have you dancing like your favorite music video artist.  Using the trendiest music and high powered moves everyone can enjoy this class.

Musical Theatre 10 – 12 year olds
Add the fun of Acting to the joy of dance and you have Musical Theatre.  The dancers will lip sync or act as the character that the music is defining.  A fun, high energy class.

Lyrical/Contemporary  9 yrs old and up
Whether it is lyrical (9 – 12 yr olds) or Contemproary (13+) you will feel like you are performing a routine straight from “So You Think You Can Dance”.  Feel the music as you move dramatically to beautiful ballads

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